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Outside of the administrative burdens carried by sales professionals, the biggest contributor to these two dismal statistics are lack of the right content and training. 

​Too often we hear that clients are asking for content that either doesn't exist or can't be found, so salespeople are making it up on the fly. Not only does this make marketing and communications teams cringe but is this how you want your sales team spending their time? Those that do have access to content, often have a different problem: they aren't trained how to use it. 

​At Enablement Group, we focus on delivering the sales content that matters, which means:

  • - Aligning it to marketing efforts to improve consistency and customer confidence
  • - Ensuring each sales person has the training they need to be confident in delivering the content and the message 

From PowerPoints that wow, to speaker notes and scripts; from email templates to social selling and ABM content, all coupled with training, we deliver measureable results.

​For Sales Methodology, Training, and Strategic Negotiations, we partner with one of best companies in the world. This partnership allows us to align the training and technology with the content and tools your team needs to help your organizations increase win rates, improve margins and reduce the overall cost of sale with an aligned comprehensive program. . 

Companies are spending more time and money than ever before on their sales organization, yet the win rate on forecasted deals is worse than ever. Why? We believe that it is because we aren't giving our sales people the right stuff. These patterns are why we have seen such massive growth of sales enablement initiatives.

In theory, the idea of sales enablement is to look at the sales process as a whole and align the tools, technology, content and training together to make it effective. Even if your organization today provides all of these to your sales organization, if they are done in silos your initiatives will likely fall flat. 

​Don't despair! Sales enablement is here to stay because, done right, they can help you make massive gains in reducing the cost of sale, improving win rates and accelerating the on-boarding of new sales people. 

Enablement Group


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