If you head on over to Wikipedia to read the definition you could easily win a round of buzz-word BINGO, but they boil it down to this: Marketing Automation is a platform that marketers use to plan, coordinate, manage and measure all of their marketing campaigns, both online and offline. 

​While this definition is accurate, because the idea of marketing automation has taken on a life of it's own, many people have fairly big misconceptions of what it is--and what it can do. 



​The biggest misconception that people have is this: marketing automation does the marketing for you. I hear many stories from organizations who buy an email list, automate the sending of a few disconnected, random emails using their new platform and hope that it will generate some leads for their business. Sadly, they are disappointment that their sometimes large investments have failed. While, marketing automation isn't a magic wand, it can do all of the following and more:  

  1. - Eliminate mundane and repetitive tasks (and by way of that, human error)
  2. - Scale your marketing efforts
  3. ​- Improve your data collection to optimize your marketing campaigns
  4. ​- Improve the qualification of leads before handing them off to sales
  5. ​- Delight and nurture your existing customers and prospects by providing a customized experience and curated content specific to their interests 
  6. ​- Give you structure for converting a steady stream of new prospects into the top of your funnel 

​If the above sounds interesting, you may want to consider adding a marketing automation platform to your tool set. Just remember: unless you have existing platform proficiencies on your team, you may want to consider finding a certified partner. A platform expert can help you get on boarded quickly, set-up for success, and capturing ROI from the onset of implementation. 

Enablement Group


Hubspot. We are big fans. We use it ourselves and it is our preferred marketing automation platform to use when helping our clients manage their marketing campaigns. Why do we love it so much? Oh, let us count the ways... but if we had to sum it up, there are four main reasons why we jumped on the Hubspot bandwagon: 

​1. COMPREHENSIVE - Hubspot believes in "smarketing" (integration of sales and marketing - aha!), their tools are seamless between the two functions and make the handoff of qualified leads and data simple. It also enables closed loop marketing, which gives data and information back to marketing from sales, so we can measure ROI on our marketing efforts and optimize future campaigns. Within each function it covers everything you need including social, email, SEO, landing pages, data and analytics, meetings, CRM... they have it all, so when Enablement Group was researching options for our own business, we loved the fact that we would no longer have to manage different customer touch-points with a collection of different tools. 

​2. PURPOSE BUILT FOR INBOUND - The Hubspot platform isn't Email 2.0, it is actually a platform that thinks about the end to end customer journey and how best to attract, convert, close, and delight your customers and prospects. Developed as complete platform with the tools  sales and marketing teams need to be effective at each stage of the buyers journey, not just the beginning or the end.  

3. DATA - The rich data captured and the analysis capabilities provided by the Hubspot platform are fantastic. Not only does this data help us optimize our efforts and improve over time, but it helps us as marketers demonstrate ROI. As an agency, showing results to our clients is of course important, but we find our client marketing counterparts appreciate having the data to share with their internal teams and illustrate the impact that marketing is having on the growth of the business. 

​4. BUDGET - There are many marketing automation platforms on the market today, but when looking at the total cost of ownership (TCO) of each across the core platform plus the extras, support, resources etc., the choice seemed easy. There was no other platform that came close to delivering everything we needed at a price that worked within our budget. Even with lower cost platforms, a closer look revealed missing tools which would mean we would need to subscribe to additional tools and buy supplemental software to get the same capabilities. That seemed complicated. 

​As a Hubspot customer and a Hubspot Certified Channel Partner, we could not be happier with our decision. 

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